Register for Micro eGuide Microbiology Laboratory Basics


Microbiology Laboratory basics provided by the Micro eGuide


As an instructor you can register your class to use the Micro eGuide. The seven benefits of registering to use the Micro eGuide are:

1. Free - There is no charge to register.
2. Student Registration - Your students will be able to register for your classes.
3. Student Grades - Quiz grades will be recorded for your students.
4. Students Reporting - Your students can view their Micro eGuide quiz grades to see which quizzes they have completed and which quizzes they have not yet attempted.
5. Instructor Reports - You can generate reports at any time for your students. Reports are available in multiple sequences and indicate what quizzes students have taken and their quiz grades.
6. Ad Free - When your students log in the Google advertisements disappear.
7. Keep Up To Date - Once a semester we send out updates about the Micro eGuide to registered instructors.

Sample instructions to be given by instructors to students informing them how to use Micro eGuide and the sections they are required to complete are available [here] in MS Word format.  

To register you must obtain approval from Dr. Alice Wright. To obtain approval please send an [e-mail].  If the request is approved you will receive an authorization code by return e-mail. 

Enter your authorization code to proceed with instructor registration.

Authorization Code: