Microbiological Procedures:
Good Laboratory Practice Quiz

1. Disinfect your work area (bench top)
between every procedure
at the end of lab only
at the beginning and end of lab
only if you contaminate the bench top

2. All microbiological cultures must be thoroughly labeled. Select from the items that should be included on the label. (check all that apply)
Your Name
School Name
Lab Section
Experiment Information

3. Which of the following behaviors are acceptable in a microbiology laboratory? (check all that apply)
Rinsing Contact Lenses
Squirting disinfectant onto the desk
Placing a laboratory notebook on the desk
Picking up broken glass with your fingers

4. What government institute defines the biosafety levels in the lab?
The American Society for Microbiology
The National Institutes of Health and Centers for Disease Control
The Environmental Protection Agency
The National Science Foundation


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