Emergency Procedures

Report all accidents to your instructor.

One the first day, familiarize yourself with the location of the eye wash station, the safety shower, the campus phone, and the fire extinguisher.

If you need to seek outside assistance for an injury or accident, call 911. Use the campus phone in the laboratory. Calling from your cell phone will connect you with the city rescue service and the city emergency services will then contact the campus police. Calling from the campus phone saves precious time.

In special emergency situations, such as earthquake, tornado or building fire, TURN OFF GAS JETS FIRST, then evacuate the building as directed by your lab instructor.

Never pick up broken glass with your hands; use a broom. Dispose of broken glass in the broken glass container.

If a culture is spilled, cover the spilled material with paper towels and apply a generous amount of laboratory disinfectant. Let it sit twenty minutes and then clean up the towels and disinfect the bench.

Small fires should be extinguished quickly by smothering.

A fire extinguisher is ready in each laboratory.

If your clothes catch on fire "drop and roll" to smother the flames. Your lab partners should use a fire blanket or their coats to help smother the flames.

For heat burns, chill the burned area with cold water or ice and notify the instructor.

If a culture or chemicals are splashed in or near you or your partner's eyes, immediately go the eye wash station. The two of you should go together. Place your face in the eye wash station and apply water. Your partner should hold your eyes open to ensure thorough flushing.

For large spills on your body or if caustic chemicals are spilled on you, proceed immediately to the safety shower. Pull the lever, while the water floods over you, take off any clothes that are contaminated. Stay under the shower until it stops.

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