Spectrophotometer Operations Guide


Using the Spectronic 20 Genesys Spectrophotometer:

  1. Check to be sure the cell holder is empty.
  2. Turn on the spectrophotometer using the power switchSpectrophotometer Operations Guide on the left side of the back of the instrument.
  3. Allow the spectrophotometer to warm up for 30 minutes.
  4. Press A/T/C to select the absorbance or %transmittance mode.
  5. Set the wavelength to the desired value. Holding the key down will cause the wavelength to change more quickly.
  6. Insert the blank into the cell holder with the clear walls of the cuvette to the front and back of the instrument. Close the sample compartment. The blank is used to zero absorbance readings due to imperfections in the cuvette and for the absorbance of light by the medium or carrier solution. The procedure you are using will contain specific instructions about the composition of the blank.
  7. Press 0 ABS/100%T to blank the instrument.
  8. Remove the blank from the cell holder, insert the sample, and close the sample compartment.
  9. Record the instrument reading.
  10. Remove the sample from the sample compartment.

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